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Courses run 6 times in the academic year, over half term periods. The length of each course varies between 5 and 7 weeks.
Lesson details on who is teaching each level below:
Lessons will now take place between:
4.00pm – 6.00pm Monday – Friday
9.00am – 11.30am on Saturday

Next term for Group Lessons starts 16/04/18 for 6 weeks

Click on the image for more information about lessons

Information on badges – Every level completed achieves a badge/certificate. These can be bought as a Badge and Certificate @ £3.00

Rebooking lessons must be done ASAP at re-enrolment time to ensure first choice of class. We do not reserve places without payment.

Each lessons is half an hour. The participant is allowed to swim 15 minutes before or after providing they meet the over 8 and competent swimmer policy. Whilst your child is enjoying their lessons you can enjoy a cheap swim!! It will only cost you £3.00 per adult and £2.50 per child You will require a band.

Lesson Timetable Print off a copy of the lessons timetable


At a cost of £5 for 1/2 an hour and £5.25 1 hour a lesson paid in a block for the term.

Lesson Term Starts Monday 16th April 2018 @ £30/£31.75 for the 6 weeks in half an hour sessions.

Monday - Group Lessons
Elaine 4:00pm Beginner 2
Joe 4:00pm Improver 
Elaine 4:30pm Beginner 1
Joe 4:30pm Intermediate 1
Joe 5:00pm Intermediate 2
Joe 5:30pm Advance 1
Elaine 5:00pm Beginner 2
Elaine 5:30pm Beginner 1
Monday - Parent & Toddler
Abby 1:00pm  
Tuesday - Group Lessons
Will 4:00pm Beginner 1
Anna 4:00pm Intermediate 1
Will 4:30pm Beginner 1
Anna 4:30pm Intermediate 2
Will 5:00pm Beginner 2
Anna 5:00pm Advanced 1
Will 5:30pm Beginner 2
Anna 5:30pm Advanced 2
Steph/Mark 6:00pm Rookies
Tuesday - Parent & Toddler
Joe 12:30pm  
Wednesday -Group Lessons
Mark 4:00pm Beginner 1
Marie 4:00pm Improver 
Mark 4:30pm Beginner 1
Marie 4:30pm Intermediate 2
Mark 5:00pm Beginner 2
Marie 5:00pm Advanced 1
Mark 5:30pm Beginner 2
Marie 5:30pm Advanced 2
Steph/Mark 6:00pm Elite/Chall
Thursday - Group Lessons
Jen 4:00pm Beginner 2
Nick 4:00pm Improver 
Jen 4:30pm Beginner 1
Nick 4:30pm Intermediate 1
Jen 5:00pm Beginner 2
Nick 5:00pm Intermediate 2
Nick 5:30pm Advanced 1
Jen 5:30pm Beginner 1
Steph/Mark 6:30pm Rookies
Friday - Group Lessons
Jen 4:00pm Beginner 1
Steve 4:00pm Improver 
Jen 4:30pm Beginner 1
Steve 4:30pm Intermediate 1
Jen 5:00pm Beginner 2
Steve 5:00pm Intermediate 2
Steve 5:30pm Advanced 1
Steph/Mark 6:00pm Elite/Chall
Friday - Parent & Toddler
Jen 12:00pm  
Saturday - Group Lessons
Elaine 8:30am Begnner 1
Elaine 9:00am Beginner 1
Mark 9:00am Improver 
Elaine 9:30am Beginner 1
Mark 9:30am Intermediate 1
Elaine 10:00am Beginner 2
Mark 10:00am Intermediate 2
Elaine 10:30am Parent & Toddler
Mark 10:30am Advanced 1
Mark 11:00am Advanced 2
Amanda 11:30am Jnr Masters
Adults Lessons
Joe Tuesday 11:00 - 12:00 Advanced
Joe Wednesday 10:45 - 11:30am Improvers
Joe Wednesday 11:30 - 12:00 Beginners
Lyme Road, Axminster, Devon EX13 5AZ
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