Please note that Aquagym, Aquafit and GP are not currently running.


Aqyagym is suitable for everyone; experienced or novice exercisers, fit and unfit, young and old, swimmers and non-swimmers  and those wanting a zero impact or rehabilitative exercise. It is far more social than other workouts, but equally can be more focused if you prefer to work alone.


Exercising in water is less likely to cause injury and muscle soreness by reducing the weight of a person by 90%, reducing the burden on stress bearing joints & muscles.  Capitalising on the natural properties of buoyancy and resistance, the Aquagym creates a zero impact workout.


An Aquagym workout can improve provide muscular strength, endurance, body composition, aerobic capacity, flexibility and co-ordination.  Additionally water based physical activity can relieve tension, anxiety, depression and anger and promote a sense of wellbeing.  The health benefits are vast and regular exercise on the Aquagym can improve health problems such as arthritis, mental illness, heart failure and stroke.


Aquagym sessions run at various times during the week and are pre-booked via our booking system.  A maximum of 6 people are booked within a 30 minute session.  You can enjoy a focused workout alone or be social with friends or fellow exercisers.


An induction of the equipment is necessary before sessions can be booked.

Induction is £5 for members & £10 non-members, it will be £5 for gym only use (non-members) and £2.00 (members).  If you are swimming gym use is only an extra £2.00 for both non and members.




30 minute session

Non Members £2.00, plus swim price

Members only £2.00

Non Members gym only is £5.00



Monday 6.15 - 8.45pm

Tuesday 9 – 10.30am

Wednesday 7.30 - 10.30am

Thursday 7.30 - 9.30am

Sunday 9 - 11.30am


Please telephone our reception on 01297 35800 to book an induction or a session