GP Referral

Aquatherapy GP referral exercise scheme

Our instructors are: Joe, Elaine & Zoe


The Flamingo Pool are delighted to have been awarded funding by Peoples Millions via the Big lottery fund. This has enabled us to set up our Aquatherapy GP referral exercise scheme. This scheme is specifically designed for GP referred clients to enable them to exercise in a safe environment, assisted by highly qualified instructors, in a way that they would be unable to on land. 

The Flamingo Pool’s GP referral exercise scheme uses a tried, tested safe and effective exercise prescription in a new and innovative way within the water. This is documented to be much safer and more effective than traditional land based gym exercise. This encompasses traditional resistance exercises using equipment such as floats, weights, woggles and body resistance and a new state of the art ‘Aquagym’ to provide a complete gym workout incorporating both resistance and cardiovascular exercise in the water. The Flamingo Pool Aquagym is one of only two in the South West, the other located over 50 miles away.

Our trained staff will provide a consultation and structured a programme to suit you and your specific needs, goals and medical conditions. They will help you through each session and re assess your progress regularly.
Two types of session are on offer, Group mobility and Aquagym. Both sessions are effective and beneficial. Water allows more movement due to support of the water, more buoyancy for the overweight, lower impact on joints and muscles, more resistance due to the water with less muscle soreness following a workout. 


The current sessions in the main pool (unless indicated otherwise) are:

Monday 11:00-11:30 Group Mobility
Monday 18:45-19:15 Group Mobility (Hydrotherapy pool)
Monday 19:15-19:45 Aquagym 
Wednesday 09:30-10:00 Aquagym
Wednesday 10:45-11:15 Group Mobility
Thursday 09:30-10:00 Aquagym

The initial assessment is £6.50 with subsidised sessions costing only £3.50 per session. Your doctor will have details of our scheme, or please ask us for more information.  Additional sessions may become available, subject to demand and pool availability.
There are many medical conditions that qualify for the scheme. Please ask at reception for more information or contact our GP referral coordinator, if you do not qualify for the scheme, we also run a variety of Aquafit classes and Aquagym sessions which are open to the general public. 

Contact Mrs Joe Street on 07513041971 or Email