The Hydrotherapy Pool

​Our hydro pool is 6 x 6 metres and runs at a constant 34° and cleaned with ultraviolet light, which aids the chlorine levels to a third of most public pools.

This unique facility has become the focus for many individuals within the Axe Valley and beyond. Heated to 34°/91°F and with ultra-violet light disinfection making a virtually chlorine free swim, the water takes on many different qualities.

The Hydrotherapy Pool incorporates underwater pressure jets creating a 'jacuzzi' effect which provides therapeutic effects as well as giving necessary resistance to exercise.

Helps relieve pain and induces muscle relaxation; - increases buoyoncy, giving greater range of movement; can create resistance to build muscle strength; -benefits: orthopaedic; neurological; general joint problems, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis; neck and back disorders; stress; sports injuries and physically or mentally disabled. 


Ask your doctor if you could benefit from this unique facility.  Please see our GP referral program.

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