Flamingo Pool Staff Training.


The National Pool Lifeguard Qualification is recognised professionally within the United Kingdom and enables the holder to work as a Professional Pool Lifeguard satisfying all Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations. At the Flamingo Pool we take this responsibility very seriously and all Lifeguard/Pool lifesaving qualified staff undergo rigorous training once a month. This not only refreshes skills and ensures all lifeguards are current with their qualification but also helps to comply with HSE guidelines.


Training covers all areas of the lifeguard syllabus as well as site specific areas including the use of our spinal rescue boards, inflatable island and evacuation procedures to name a few.


Rules and regulations are covered to ensure all staff are knowledgeable in every detail of the running of the pool as well as being able to educate swimmers in water safety.


Each month every staff member trains on CPR on all Adult, Child and Infant manikins as well as the use of a defibrillator which we have on site. Our QCPR manikins allow for real time feedback to be generated and a % score to be given on the efficiency of the CPR given.


Further to this a selection of early and later interventions are used in both dry side discussions and practical sessions as well as in water wet training. This equips our lifeguards/lifesavers with up to date correct knowledge to act in a quick, efficient and safe manor should an incident occur. Additionally, teamwork skills are explored each session to ensure during an incident all employees at the Flamingo Pool can work as a close knit cohort to put the patient first. Team work is not only going to aid the casualty in responding better by ensuring they are as calm and relaxed as possible, it also means the lifeguards/lifesavers are like to keep calm and more relaxed. Having good team members that can be relied upon and trust will help lifeguards/lifesavers focus on the job and remember their training.


Lesson plans are set by the RLSS to ensure all areas are covered in comprehensive detail whilst linking to the Flamingo Pool’s site specific Normal Operating Procedures and Emergency Action Plan.


All of the above should leave customers confident in the knowledge that all staff are competent and current, allowing customers to feel safe and enjoy their time at the Flamingo Pool.