The Sunbed

  • There MUST be a minimum of 48 hours between each session. 

  • Never repeat UVA suntan treatment if any signs of redness remain from previous sunbathing. 

  • Goggles must be worn at all times during exposure. 

  • Contact lenses must be removed.

  •  Avoid looking directly at the tubes/lamps whilst using the equipment.

  • Persons with sensitive skin or not existing suntan should restrict their first few sessions to a maximum half the recommended time.

  • It is important that the skin is thoroughly clean before sun tanning.  All traces of perfume, cologne and make-up should be removed. 

  • The sunbed must be cleaned thoroughly by the client after use using the spray and tissue wipes.


All users use the sunbed at their own risk and no responsibility is held by the Flamingo Pool.

​Our sunbed offers a superb experience with personal touch control 2.0, shoulder tanning and a full body cooler.

Efficient design with a wide body surface create a comfortable session. Combined with the excellent functionality makes the Q10 an impressive addition to any tanning studio.

The Q10 comes in two model options; High Power and Magnum Power.

5 Minutes - £3.50

10 Minutes - £5.50


Flamingo Pool Sunbed Rules and Regulations

The Flamingo Pool promotes careful and responsible tanning and use of sunbeds.


  • A UVA sun tanning system should be treated with the same caution as natural sunlight.  A suntan should be built up gradually, particularly with fair sensitive skin.

  • An induction form and full induction from a member of Flamingo Pool staff must be completed prior to using the sunbed.

  • Only one person is allowed in the room during a sunbed session.

  • Two 5 minute sessions MUST be completed prior to undertaking a 10 minute session. This is regardless of use of sunbeds at other establishments due to varying degrees of bulb strengths.

  • If sunbed use has not been within a one month period, two 5 minutes sessions must also be undertaken prior to commencing a 10 minute session.