Swimming Accessories

Speedo Power Float

Increase arm strength
The Elite Pullbuoy can be used with any stroke to isolate the muscles in your upper body, forcing them to do the work of propulsion, which increases arm and shoulder strength. 

Improve your endurance
Increasing your buoyancy in the water keeps your body in a better position even as you get tired, making it easier to swim for longer and further.

Improve body alignment 
Buoyancy causes a shift in body position, lifting your lower body higher in the water. This reduces drag which increases speed and efficiency. 

ou to focus on specific areas such as stroke technique and breathing, making it ideal for learning new drills and technique work. 

Price £10.99

Speedo Tech Paddles

Increase arm strength 
Using Tech Paddles increases your resistance, making you work harder as you pull your arms through the water, strengthening the muscle groups in your back, chest, shoulders and arms. Challenge yourself by sprinting with the paddles on. 

Feel more powerful in the water
Tech Paddles can help you to work on your technique as well as your arm pull, making you feel much more powerful through the water. 

Improve stroke
Tech Paddles help you to create the perfect pull. The flatter the Tech Paddle stays to your hand, the better your technique. 

Want to use a training aid to help improve your arm pull technique and work on your hand positioning? Our video below will help you get to grips with using power paddles and features tips from our elite swim coach on training methods and basic techniques.

Price £11.00